Is 40 still fabulous?

“So mum, you’re turning 40 right?”……”That’s right darling!”

“So will you need a wheelchair now??”

Loud screeching! Arms flailing! Plonking!

So this turning forty business, is it just another birthday or is it really the new F word!?    

All of us 40-ing  away people, are we just rounding the bend for nothing?                              

Is 40 really the new 30 or is this the beginning of the end? 

OK, deep breath!…. Let’s weigh it all up….birthday_40_cake

  • Mind bender!  It’s true…wisdom does come with age. And for me, it was imparted mostly in this past decade. The decisions, the priorities, even the conversations today are far from what they were at thirty. And motherhood, well that’s opened up a whole new world of prudence. My brain is like a mash up chart…a million things, all lined up in order of priority. I think I like this wiser, safer, non-whiner, forty year old me. Same old set of boisterous emotions but with a brand new voltage regulator. Same old Gray matter but with a dash of intellect! 
  • Body-wise!  While gravity starts to take its toll right about now, I think I’m more comfortable in my skin than ever before.  Personal grooming is now personal hygiene and looking good has made way for looking comfortable. Ten years of twenties and ten years of building a family, I think these creases and the greys are well deserved. Health and well being are in the spotlight and ‘fun’ means something entirely different now. Nothing feels better than a saturday night, parked up on the couch with a glass of tennessee, watching Hugh Jackman clawing away ! 
  • Soul-full! The most definitive shift I think, has come about in the matters of the heart, the soul and character. Things that were huge back then, now seem trivial and all the past undervalued stuff, takes centre stage. Somewhere down the line I also registered, that romance and love? Two different things! More forthright, more sincere, loaded with empathy and resilience…..this, has been a total turn-table for me. Friends are  fewer, circles are smaller and there isn’t much space for drama. From chaos to order (I think)! While there is a lot to achieve, life objectives have never been clearer. ‘Finding myself’ is a passe’……’I know what I want’ is trending! 

So what say? Isn’t this my happy place? I’m surrounded with people who matter, I’ve made my mistakes (almost) and I’ve learnt, I’m no longer wary about the future. This, is exactly where I wanna be and all I wanna be, is me!

For everything else….there’s always wine! 

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