Vegan Pista Kulfi


IMG_3191‘Dessert might be tricky….he can skip it!’

‘Nah…I can do tricky!’

My last conversation before I set my tiny brain to fire!

Vegan cooking can appear really daunting especially when it comes to desserts. And if you’re going down the Indian road, well…lets just say its challenging!

So, do we not serve dessert to a dear, newly turned vegan, friend?

No way….negative!

We raid the internet, find out what they eat, and get inventing.

The key word here, as in everything I do, is ‘EASY’ ! It has to be quick, hassle free and of course delectable.

The birth of ‘kulfi a la me’ ! The vegan pistachio kind.

The best part, no cooking needed!


Here’s what we need

  • 125 g raw unprocessed pistachio
  • 125 g raw unrefined sugar
  • 1 pack (250 g) oat cream
  • 1 pack (525 g) soya custard

IMG_3166OK, so mix in the sugar with the oat cream and the soy custard. Make sure its nicely dissolved. Use a whisk…its easier.

Now grind the Pistachio, fine or coarse…anyway you like, and stir it in.


That’s it.. you’re done!

Pour into moulds and freeze up!

Unmould , serve and enjoy!

But the proof of the pudding is in the seconds!

‘Another one?’ I ask.

My heart racing, I’m waiting for a response.

‘Yes please!’

Phew! This Vegan cooking….me like!


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