Green up act!

Have you ever wished you were a witch or a genie?  One blink…and voila! A sparkling clean house smelling of daisies! 

Ok, so there’s no escaping. The house needs to be cleaned and my twitching nose ain’t gonna do it!


The question now is, how? I need to decontaminate and  I need to deodorize. The household products available on the market promise just that. That, and a dose of unhealthy toxic chemicals. The not so clean cleaners, are bad for you and for the home environment…not to mention how overpriced they are. So why do we buy them? Well, we do need something to get rid of the muck and the germs and the odours and the bugs. So can we do it without polluting our habitat and our bodies?

Enter The Fantastic Four!

Vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lime and essential oils !

Antibacterial, natural, cheap, and most of all, safe. Let’s see how they deliver around the house.  First, prepare the super multi function cleaner. We need,

  • Distilled white vinegar 250ml 
  • Water 250ml
  • Used lemon halves 2-3
  • One or more antibacterial Essential oils like tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus 15 drops each


Now unite the forces and pour into a spray bottle. Just drop the lemon halves in the bottle to infuse . For the occasional deeper clean, you will need to call upon the bicarbonate of soda. And then, there’s nothing a bit of elbow grease can’t soften!

The Kitchen

  • General clean up :Use this spray to clean the worktops, the appliances, the hob and even the sink. Just spray it on, wait a bit, and wipe it off. . Use a dish sponge for the stubborn spots. It works like magic around the tap too ! The sink drain can be cleaned up by pouring about a cup of baking soda and then following with a cup of hot water. For persistent clogs, use vinegar instead of water, let it fizz, and then pour hot water.
  • n15-1_kitchendeepcleaning-575x385Appliances: Use the spray to wipe the fridge down and leave a cup of baking soda inside to keep the odours away.  Boil a half and half vinegar and water solution in the microwave and let it sit for a while. This should dislodge the nasties. Now wipe clean.  To descale the kettle, boil the half and half in it and leave it for bit. now rinse and boil some plain water to get rid of the vinegar smell. Run the same formula through your coffee maker to get rid of any build ups. You can clean your dishwasher and washing machine by filling up the soap compartment with vinegar and running a full cycle with hot water, of course, without any dishes or clothes in it! Then comes the oven.  Make a spreadable baking soda paste with water and slather it all inside the oven. Let it work for a few hours and then wipe off. Use your spray to get rid of all the baking soda.
  • Laundry: Add vinegar to your final rinse to get rid of any unwanted odours. Add essential oils of your choice to push harder!
  • Food: Use a 1:3 vinegar and water solution to wash your fruit and veg too. For the smooth skin ones, spray some on, leave it for a minute and scrub wash under running water. The leafy ones will need to be soaked a bit, and the washed under water

The Bathroom

  • Toilet: Liberally sprinkle bicarbonate of soda into the toilet bowl and spray the whole toilet seat and bowl with the spray. Leave it for several minutes and then just use a toilet brush and wipe down the rest.
  • 7-must-have-cleaning-tools-bathroom-1-size-3Bath and Shower: Our favourite spray cleaner should be enough to tackle most of the it. The trick, as you know, is to spray, leave for a bit and then wipe. Use an aluminium scrubber for any tough spots. And again, address the drains with baking soda and vinegar and hot water.
  • Wash basin: Just like the kitchen sink …spray-wait-wipe ! For a spotless mirror, wipe it with a paper towel!

The Bedrooms

Besides the weekly changing of the bedding, put a few drops of Lavender essential oil around the bed frame. This should keep it bug free!

For the rest of the home, a duster and a mop dipped in the our superhit recipe!

The key is, to avoid any build up anywhere in the house. Any clean up that has to be done , has to be done regularly.Pulizie di primavera

Right, so that was me reporting from a sparkling fresh home smelling like daisies….no lavender!



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