Easiest COCONUT LADDU ever!


Have you ever found yourself stuck between ‘I can’t be bothered!’ and ‘I must!’ ? Well I’m almost always stuck in the middle there!

Not that I’m lazy (which I am!), but why does Diwali have to be on the day we arrive back from our ‘Oh so relaxing’ vacation? And why do I have to conjure up a delicious homemade Indian confection that very day? No I don’t have to! No one expects me to!…. Except that I should want to !

So can I produce a scrumptious piece of heaven without the pain of slavery? Of course I can! I’m a master at it! What follows is the easiest Coconut Laddu recipe in the universe! No cooking. No hassle. Just mix and roll!


Two things….icing and coconut!

I had this tub of Vanilla buttercream icing in the pantry and desiccated coconut. Use fresh coconut if you want. All I did was knead the two together and rolled into balls!


Here goes the recipe

400 grams Icing

400 grams Coconut



Tip all the icing in a big bowl and mix in the coconut, little by little.






Knead the mixture by hand.  It does seem a little dry to start with, but then the icing loosens up a bit. I had to go in with both hands!






Now take little portions in your hand and squeeze till it starts to bind together. This should warm up the icing making it easier to roll into laddus!





Now that is indeed a piece of heaven!

Mission accomplished! 








OK, so what if one doesn’t have the ingredients available? What if one doesn’t like one of them? You see…there are no rules when it comes to the matters of the palate! So, just use whatever pleases your taste buds!






Let’s explore some alternatives. Instead of Vanilla icing, use chocolate icing or condensed milk or even peanut butter! And with coconut, add some left over nuts or chocolate chips? Or else, simply roll them in some cocoa powder or crushed nuts or cover them in melted chocolate…!

Here are peanut butter, chocolate chips, cocoa rolled and chocolate covered one’s!



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