How to Holiday!


Easter break! Holidays! Sun! sand!

Packing! Preparing! Panic!

OK, so let’s talk about..not the holiday, but the countdown to it. The fun things that need done before the fun begins!

After a few ‘forgot this’ and ‘didn’t remember that’ vacations, I’ve put together a plan of action on what to do while counting down the days to doing nothing!

2 weeks before 

Check if you need any vaccines before you fly.

Sort out airport transfer at destination and don’t forget to mention the number of child car seats if booking a cab.

Exchange currency .

s-l1600Get all the documents copied and ready. This gives enough time for any changes you need to do.  Also, get your hands on a document bag that can be stuffed in your hand bag while travelling. I found these ones on ebay. Very handy and lots of pockets for separate documents.

1 week before

Make the lists!  Yes I do believe in putting it down on paper!  Just have a writing pad handy and keep jotting down the things that come to mind. What I do, is go through our daily routine and write down all that we need. I have a common mother list which I just tweak according to the kind of holiday we’re taking. You can find it here….Holiday Packing list

5 days to go, 

Gather everything in one place…and tick off the stuff on the list you made. Make sure everything’s there.

Launder and get the clothing ready to be packed

Tag and name the luggage you decide on.

3 days to go

istock_000004944610-xs-summer-beach-bag-300x214Let’s get packing!

Get everything in the suitcases…checked in and hand ones. Remember the hand luggage liquids rule while packing.

Make sure the cameras are fully charged.

2 days to go

Make sure you’re all packed up and ready to go.

Set reminders for putting the garbage out and stuff like central heating etc.

1 day to go

Flight check in online and print the boarding cards….saves a lot of time at the airport.

Book the cab to the airport unless you’re planning to drive.

Activate roaming on the mobile.

I always like to keep the last day for a quick clean up. Make sure the perishables in the fridge are all eaten.

Also a good time for some personal grooming! you know what I mean!

Line up the luggage ready to leave.

Have an early night if you’re leaving in the morning and wake up in plenty of time so there’s no rushing about.

Time to go!

On the day, don’t forget to check for safety.

Make sure the cooker’s off, all appliances are off and the house alarm is on!


Now go and have yourself a Holiday!

check out my 15 Holiday stress busters!







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