The one thing that should not be a part of any holiday, is stress! So let’s bust it!

1. Game plan! That’s right. A bit of  strategy goes a long way. Space out the things to do and device a plan. Here’s mine!

2. Make a list!  Yes , putting it down in black and white does help. Once the perfect list of lists is created, save it, and tweak it according to your destination.Take a look at mine!


3. Label your luggage! Most suitcases have an identity tag .  Luggage straps work too…or do what i do…just grab a permanent marker put your name in bold on the luggage!


4. Rule the fluids rule! Hand luggage only allows 100 ml bottles. Not 100 ml contents but the capacity of the container should not exceed 100 ml. Not even water !

5. Use the free stuff! Whenever available, use the toiletries and towels provided by your hotel. Call them up and check what they provide and carry the rest.

images6. Kids sleep in travel clothes! If leaving early morning, please…oh please put them to bed in the clothes they’re travelling in…saves all the outbursts in the morning!

7. Journey wear! Wear the heavy clothing like jackets and jumpers to travel in to save space and if you need boots, wear them for the journey.

8. Smart packer! Place small things like socks, belts and jewellery into shoes . Roll up small clothing and stuff them in the empty corners and crevices. Raid the internet and learn more clever ways to pack.microsoft-clip-art-free-animation-YXKWyk-clipart

9. Feet first! Try and keep the shoes as comfortable as possible, avoid new shoes and ladies, try and stay away from heels…except of course a pair for the evenings.

10. Travel light! I can’t say this enough….too much hassle in too much luggage. If you can, just carry cabin bags especially for connecting flights. Avoids lost luggage and is super quick getting out of the airport.

11. Weather eye open! Check the weather at destination and pack stuff accordingly.

12. Copy down! Make extra copies of important documents and keep them separately.when-my-house-is-a-mess-rdquo-word-for-life-says-656268

13. Do your homework! Read up about the destination and its also good to know a few words from the local language.

14. Freezer bag it! Bring a roll of freezer bags …you know, for dirty shoes, dirty socks, also very handy in case someone’s too full tummy decides to eject!

15. Clean up! Coming  back to a messy house isn’t really the best grand finale! So put out the garbage, finish the laundry (you’ll have a load to wash up when you come back!), empty the dishwasher and leave the house in a state that you’ll be happy to come back to.

sandcastle-and-kids16. No kidding! The idea of fun for the kids can be entirely different from our own! Last thing you want to hear is, “I’m bored!” …so keep them happily occupied. Pack books and toys and games …whatever it takes! book activities at the hotel.

17. Let it go! Once you’re there, just relax! Let the kids be kids, you be you and me be me!

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